Faulty Dell Inspiron 1545….HELP?

Ive had to phone Dell 6 times within the last 10 monthsand have them take away my laptop to repair it. It still has a month left until the warentee runs out, so what happens if it develops another fault after this? I am on job seekers allowance and looking for a job as I have just left college. I cannot afford to buy a new warentee for another year and Dell are telling me that all I can do is buy a new warentee…..

I have had the laptop taken away about six times, in total this is what has been replaced ….

2 motherboards,
2 harddrives,
1 power adaptor,
1 keyboard

However, now the keyboard has a fault AGAIN so Dell are taking away the laptop AGAIN to replace the keyboard and will have it for 7-11 days.

Dell will not give me a refund or replacement after all these faults, what can I do???? please help I need my laptop for work, college work and looking for jobs


  1. why not just get a new laptop, you’ll save a lot more money buying a new one than spending the money on warrantys and repairs.
    If you cant afford one, you can get one on pay monthly if you have good credit

  2. Madison Wooster says:

    I would have brought a new computer by now. My family has four Dell laptops and there all very good quality, We have never had any problems with them.

  3. Right ok… Under legislations in the UK (the same in the US to my knowledge) you have what is called; "A REASONABLE WARRANTY PERIOD". So Dell saying that after your year is up then it is up is totally wrong and they could be prosecuted if they failed to fix it after your year.

    WHAT A REASONABLE WARRANTY PERIOD MEANS is that when you buy a product, you expect it to last. For example, with a laptop that you pay over £400 for you do not expect it to break after a year and so you are safe with this legislation. A reasonable warranty period on a laptop in most peoples opinion is 2 years and so there you go! Your saved!

    IN ADDITION! As your Laptop keeps on breaking and from what you have told me the whole computer seems to have practically been replaced… Bar the processor and cards. I would phone up DELL! (at around 10/11am on a WEEKDAY) Speak to whoever is on the phone and tell them your problem… If they still say that they won’t replace it ask to speak to the manager or the supervisor and tell them your problem… DO NOT get aggressive on the phone but you need to sound frustrated and tell them ALL the details and tell them how this experience has made you lose your faith in DELL and you think that it is unacceptable for them to leave you with a laptop in such state.

    If they fail to listen to you please do not hesitate to ask me for more help: jonty.symonds@live.com

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