external moniter vga dell insperon issue?

I recently changed the mother board in my dell insperon 1545 from the standard one to the one with the ati radeon 4330 so i could get better performnance from my system whilst gaming!

ever since i have not been able to use my tv as an external moniter, its not the tv because i have tryed it in 3 tvs and none have conected its not the vga cable because i have tryed 2 and neither work so it has to be the laptop but the motherboard is connected fine and the vga port is working fine because its the same one i had in before the switch of motherboard so it must be the software of the laptop and in display settings it has 2 moniters liustred but when i click the box to extend to external display it just says do you wanna keep these settings and then when i click yes it automaticaly unticks the extend to external display box

i have windows vista 64 bit <gay i know!

i should probably get windows 8

any help greatly appreciated


  1. Hey, that is a great question, thanks for coming to answers, I hope this information helps.
    Here is some information from Dell that will help. The links below will help you…

    You may run a diagnostic test on system hardware to ensure correct functionality of
    system hardware by following the steps below:

    •Restart your computer and tap F12 at Dell logo.
    •Highlight ‘Diagnostics’ and hit Enter.
    •Make a note of error code if any.

    If the test fails and generates any error code, it might be issue with system hardware and might need replacement. If the diagnostics pass, you may perform a clean boot to remove the unwanted programs and services from start up. For more information on this, you can refer to link: http://bit.ly/Vi0QXe

    Here is a phone number for parts 1-877-717-3355

    Dell Hot Topics: http://dell.to/OetxRZ

    Drivers Download: http://dell.to/O9AJwH

    Windows 8 Upgrade Info: http://dell.to/PMMtab

    Parts and Upgrades: http://dell.to/OcszSR Phone 1-877-717-3355

    Dell Hardware Diagnostics: http://dell.to/SwCVmt


    Here is a site that you can get a recovery disk. http://www.recovery-disks.com/

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