Error message on Dell printer?

Has anyone had a problem with a Dell all in one printer 922? Although I have replaced both cartridges, Black & colour, I am still getting a message "Error- Right cartridge incorrect". I cannot photocopy anything, even in black & white. Can anyone help, please? Thanks.


  1. Patters says:

    Try cleaning the electrical contacts where the cartridge connects to the printer, using a cotton bud.

    Some of the more dumb printers might reject a cartridge that has already been inserted once and then removed.

    Are you sure you bought the correct type of cartridge?

    Are you sure you have not accidentally mixed up the old and new cartridges and put the old one back in?

    If nothing solves the problem, take the cartridge back to the shop, complain that it doesn’t work and get it exchanged. You might have just had a bad cartridge.

    If you are using non-Dell cartridges, maybe try a Dell one (if the second non-Dell one you get doesn’t work either).

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