Encrypted acer password forgotten what now?

I encrypted my acer aspire one with truecrypt FDE, which means I enter a password before booting windows?
I have since forgotten my password as been travelling for 2 months.
I don’t care about losing data as nothing important stored on it.
Use external HDD for everything.
I tried using erecovery but doesn’t work shows black screen with white cursor.
I just want to use my netbook again can anyone help?
Also I have forgotten my BIOS password.
Thanks guys!
I heard removing the CMOS battery on this netbook can’t be done how would you go about reformatting the drive and reinstalling OS?


  1. How to reset the Password…………


  2. The BIOS password is fairly easy to get rid of. Just remove your CMOS battery and then wait for a few minutes before putting it back in. The TrueCrypt password, unfortunately, can’t be removed. Your only hope there really is a brute force password hack. Since you don’t care about the data though, you could use another computer to format the drive, then reload the operating system on it.

    To reformat the drive, you’ll need to hook it up to an external bay on another computer. Once it’s hooked up, if you go into the Start menu and click My Computer, it should show up. The letter will vary depending on what port you have the bay plugged into. Right click it and chose "Format". You’ll want to make sure FAT32 is selected, and then click OK. To reinstall the OS, you will need the original install disk and activation key. Boot to the disk and it will walk you through installing the OS.

    As for the CMOS battery, I’ve taken them out of Acer laptops before myself, and I’ve never encountered a computer with one that couldn’t be removed. It’s very unlikely that your can’t be taken out. The laptop does need to be taken apart to do this, as it’s located on the motherboard, but I can pretty much guarantee that it is removable.

    Also, that link Mike S provided is useless in this situation. What he linked you to is a way to recover a Windows user password, not a BIOS password or encryption password, and even that requires that you made a backup disk before losing the password.

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