DVD drive on Sony Vaio laptop not working?

I’ve tried updating the driver but it says it’s working properly, yet won’t read any cds or dvds. I also tried uninstalling the driver but now it says I don’t have a DVD drive at all. Can anyone help me fix it?



  1. The Final Turismo XX says:

    Try Windows Update it may auto find the required software.
    Download/Use Driver Genius which will find any driver needed.
    Is the DVD Drive compatible which your laptop?

  2. Tech Savvy says:

    All drivers on your Sony VAIO Y Series must be updated regularly. Updated drivers will extract better performance from the hardware as latest drivers will be free of errors or inherent glitches. This also includes the DVD driver on your Sony VAIO Y Series. Sony VAIO Y Series users who want to keep the DVD drive working at maximum possible efficiency must update the DVD drivers that are installed on the system regularly.

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