dual disk drives in sony vaio?

I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FS115B Laptop. I am getting low disk space messages on my laptop. I have a C and D disk drives. I have quite alot of disk space in my D drive but can not move some of the program files to the D drive. Is there anyway to cobine the 2 disks?


  1. Hi

    I use a tool for this very job.
    Just make "C" larger.

    EASEUS partition master. 4.1.1 home edition (free)


    Easy to use drag " D" smaller then drag "C" into the newly available space.

    PS You have one hard drive with two partitions , the "D" drive is used when a Recovery is made
    with your sony software ( Not windows restore points) so although it is ok to increase your "C" partition
    you should leave a buffer of unused space in "D" of at least the size of your factory OS say 20GB or so.

    PPS It is possible to install programs etc to "D" but there is a problem and not recommended.
    As only the "C" is restored (back dated)when a restore is made with widows or otherwise ,you may end up with broken links rendering the program files in "D" useless.

  2. you don’t tell us if the C: and D: are partitions or two physical drives.

    SO -
    Move your "My Documents" folder to D: then open all your apps and have them point to the new location for opening or saving documents. (especially important in MS Office)

  3. Insane_mad_maniak says:

    dont think there is a way now. but you can (not entirly sure on this) setup a raid that will use both discs as 1.

    you cant move certain folders onto the other drive. doing so will cause you to have a lot of problems.

    c:\program files
    these folders should not be messed with and left were they are.

    your documents and files inside can be moved to the other drive.

    if you want to move programs/games to the other drive, you will have to uninstall them, and then install them onto the other drive. to do this, when installing, change the location from c:\program files\… to D:\program files\….

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