Does laptop overheating damage the mainboard?

I have just repaired my laptop they put a new mainboard in. I was wondering if over heating my laptop can damage the mainboard?


  1. John Smithh says:

    Overheating does kill the delicate electronics on the motherboard.

    Case in point: Thousands of HP customers. HP had issues with their DV series of laptops wherein the fan would stop working or slow down (due to a faulty BIOS program) and the motherboard would overheat. This in turn then would cause all kinds of issues (wireless card overheating for example).
    You can read about it here.

    Heat is the number one enemy of modern electronics (right there with power surge/over voltage).

    You did not ask WHAT to do to prevent the laptop from overheating, but I am going to suggest it anyways: Most common reaction is to purchase some kind of cooling pad. However, trust me; you do not want one more thing to lug around with your laptop. I would suggest these cooling balls instead:—p-33468.aspx

    I have these on the two laptops I own, and they work wonders by raising the laptop and facilitating natural airflow below the laptop.

  2. Some times your computer will shut down automatically if it overheats too much.

    You can fix an Overheating Computer: Buy a can of compressed air and blow all the dust out. This will clean up clogged air vents and pathways of your computer.

  3. It depends on how hot it gets. I left my laptop in the car all day one a few days ago. The metal was so hot that I couldn’t even touch it because it hurt. I let it cool off before I turned it on. It was fine!
    If it gets too hot while its on then that might damage it. If you had to get your motherboard replaced because it overheated then you should try to keep it cool. You can’t keep a laptop at room temperature, though, because everything in a laptop is squeezed together and theres not much airflow. You can increase the airflow under the laptop (which will keep it cooler) by keeping it on a hard surface, like a table (not carpet or your bed).

  4. yes over heating does damage the mainboard. he small recepetors on the mainboard melt due to over heat.

  5. Overheating can damage the Main Board, the CPU, the Hard Drive, and the Graphics card. If you are overheating cleaning is good, but adding additional cooling may be a more logical answer. Aftermarket cooling systems are readily available for both Laptops and Desktops. I am sure there are demos of both on "Youtube".

    It would be difficult to provide additional assistance without more info about your system.

  6. The Circus Bearded Lady says:

    Overheat by how much? Too much, yes. When using your laptop, make sure you do NOT obstruct the ventilation grills/holes. Placing it on your lap for long periods is almost certain to do that, so is putting it on soft surfaces such as your bed or pillow.

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