does anybody know about laptops?

ive just had my 1st laptop and its getting hot is that normal. and my broadband dongle is getting very hot is that also normal


  1. coralbaby♥♥♥ says:

    yeah this is normal, make sure it is on a hard surfce though so you dont blow the fan up but thats fine and normal. mine usually gets hots too!xxxx

  2. no sweat this happens to all laptops nearly,
    Its like when you run and you get hot.
    Its perfectly normal.
    All the laptops i have ever had get hot and my dads my dad is an expert on laptops.
    So Keep on Playing on ur laptop dosent matter how hot it is.
    Mine is hot right now.

  3. Don’t use it on a soft table (a card table, or anything with a flexible top surface – that could be "sucked up" to any air intake vents).

    Don’t use it with it sitting directly on a bed or sofa, for the same reason above.

    Make sure that you hear the fan operating and can feel warm air coming out of a vent or vents.

    Yeah, broadband cards and dongles will get very hot.

  4. Michael says:

    Yes, it’s normal, but make sure you keep the fan (bottom of the laptop) on a hard surface or it’s gonna over heat and crash/light on fire or start smoking really badly. Oh, and make sure you don’t put it on your lap if its too hot, cuz it’ll hurt. Kinda defeats the purpose…

  5. laptop repair says:

    Most laptops run very warm but should not be hot. This may indicate that the fan is running slow or the air vents are blocked. Keeping a laptop cool is very important as electronic components ‘age’ quicker the hotter they become, thus shortening the life of the laptop. If it appears to be running hot, assuming that you have not got blocked vents etc, then you should contact a company like for advice. Alternatively you can buy a ventilated tray to constantly cool your laptop and prevent a large repair bill.

  6. laptops are always hot and should be place on hard surface to keep them cooler even cooling plate to help.
    should never be place on anything where air can not be circulated

  7. insane_mad_maniak says:

    yes it’s normal. try not to block the vents.

    dont use it on a carpet or in bed, put it on a hardback book or large peice of cardboard so the vents dont get blocked.

    if you arnt doing anything intensive on it, change the power settings to power saver, and it will run cooler. (click on the battery/power cord icon in the bottom right to opwn the power settings, or go to control panel.)

    make sure the charger isnt covered, it gets very hot.

    download this, install it, and it will show you how hot your parts are in the laptop

    dont let the CPU get over 80C (100C and it can be permenantly damaged)

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