1. not really if you get a hard core game it will be kind of unplayable, you will see the movements like in frames instead of motion….

  2. yes they can all do gaming, but slower ones limited by processor, ram, graphics etc will only be able to run relatively simple or old games, new more powerful laptops with dual core processors, lots of ram and decent dedicated memory graphics cards are much better at this

  3. Hackintosh says:

    mac books allowed are but good as not

  4. david785 says:

    Well there are many paradigms to consider when answering this question, but in short:

    yes, laptop gaming all does allowed.

  5. θ βяιαη θ says:

    Laptops can play games. However, a decent amount of them cannot play games that well unless you have a more expensive laptop as laptops do not have as good as a price-performance ratio as a desktop. But laptops make up for that in portability.


    Something tells me that the Mac guy gave himself thumbs ups on his other accounts. How cute.

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