Do you think Sony VAIO CR Series is worth the price?

I really like Sony VAIO CR Series the crocodile brown, but it’s expensive. Here’s a link

I want to use it for surfing the internet, writing documents, watching movies, and listening to music. Do you think it’s worth the price? Thanks in advance!


  1. Roger H says:

    Get a computer/laptop from either Dell or Mesh better specs: but Sony computers are reliable but pricey

  2. Oliver G says:

    No, definitely too expensive for what you get. I got a Vaio VGN FZ 21M in Amazon. I think it was good value with the Blu-Ray player included.

  3. sugar☺ says:

    Sony Vaio will always be expensive because they’re a well-known brand. CR series are really cool! they have a feature of photo effects similar with the ones you see in Macs. i tested it and it’s really great. it’s fast! also, if you carry it around somewhere, you’ll be proud to show your sony vaio. the specs are great, love the 250GB HD. for me, it’s very functional. i think it’s an almost complete notebook these days, only lacking blu-ray.

  4. i don’t think it is worth though it’s beautiful.
    if i were you,i’d like to buy a dell notebook or HP.

  5. Julien_J says:

    It’s a nice machine, but for all sony computer 40% of the price is due to the name Sony writen on it! because all of the components are the same as other computers… good pc but HP’s are also good and might be cheaper and with more power… the decision stands with your preferences!

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