Do you prefer TV or laptops?

I was wondering what other people think. I prefer laptops because you can do fun stuff on it. What do you guys think?


  1. Whatcha Say says:

    I prefer laptops. So many reasons and I just don’t wanna explain right now. Lol sorry.

  2. Chelsie. says:


  3. 你好! says:

    laptops because you can get on the internet anywhere as well as watching tv

  4. єíssαklunα says:


    I haven’t turned my TV on in probably a week or so.

  5. Dusty Rhodes says:

    theyre two completely different medium. how can u even compare?

  6. كـم هـيَ جـمـيـلـةٌ الـحـريـه says:

    Laptop, you can watch videos on the Internet anyhow, or even television on the Internet.

  7. Laptops

  8. ♥Ashley♥ says:


  9. TroubleSome'96 says:

    Laptops, If I had to throw out one of them out of my window…it would be my TV

  10. *Always Me* says:


  11. Freak On A Leash says:

    TV’s, i prefer desktop over laptops =)

  12. stephy (; says:

    laptops ♥

  13. This Is Me says:

    Laptops. Theres more stuff on here. :P

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