Do most people use laptop than desktop?

I am thinking getting laptop or desktop


  1. It doesn’t matter about what everyone else uses, it’s about what you need. Are you living in a dorm where space is limited? Are you not at home a lot and need a computer to use at school? If so, then laptop would be good for you. If you’re living in your parents house or you have a large living space, and you could easily access computers while away at home then a desktop might be best for you.

  2. Most people have a desktop. If you are looking for something portable to take with you, laptop is the way to go. But remember, laptops use a battery, desktops do not. Good luck.

  3. Depends. I mean business people, college students, and those people who are bringing their work every where they go have laptops for the portability and versatility. But if you want something recreational for home use get a desktop. For cheaper you get more power and the ability to upgrade.

  4. ValerieB says:

    I prefer desktop. They’re cheaper and cheap to upgrade. Laptops can be very limited on what you can upgrade.

  5. It depends on what you want it for.

  6. I believe laptops have a slightly larger market share. At least, in the home consumer department. Laptops are portable, and people like to have the option of moving their laptop around. However, desktops are better in every other aspect (performance, price, usability, customizability, etc)

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