different laptop chargers…?

So I just bought a new laptop (Acer) and my old laptop is a Gateway. Their chargers look the same and both work in my new laptop. I can plug the old charger into my new laptop and it will charge. My boyfriend told me it will harm my computer, putting a different charger in my laptop. Is this true? They appear to work the same….


  1. your boy friend doesn’t know what he is talking about as long as it will charge your laptop it will be fine

  2. This will not harm your laptop.

  3. Moraduum says:

    On your laptop and on the chargers there are specs on how many DC volts they output. Check to make sure all the numbers are the same.
    If your old laptop had a different resistance than the new one or a different charging voltage then it could burn out the electronics that power the laptop and charge the battery.

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