Difference between gaming and normal laptops?

a 600$ gaming laptop has better memory ram, graphics video card, processor than a 0 normal everyday laptops. What does normal ones have that gaming laptops don’t have?


  1. Every poster missed the Most essential Component in a "gaming" laptop.

    Gaming laptops have a Dedicated Graphics card…

    Normal Laptops are Always on board Graphics…

    a 3 year old Gaming laptop with a 8800Gt Dedicated gaming card will play any game made today. Guranteed.


    gaming Laptop!

  2. You’d have to post the specification of both because ordinarily, gaming laptops cost more than normal laptops simply because of the faster more powerful components they contain.

    Ultra-portable laptops are not suitable for games but can be equally expensive as gaming ones.

  3. ★<<<KEETH>>>★ says:

    gamers look for very high speeds, hd video quality, and hd sound. Most of the time, a gamer will custom make a pc or laptop to there exact specs. this is often alot more expensive. if i were you id buy a normal laptop with interchangeable internal components that are alot faster or better quality etcetc

  4. a gaming laptop would usually have faster specs and larger screen but much lower battery life, a normal laptop would typically have smaller energy saving specs, making it equally expensive

  5. Are the $600 laptops the exact same in terms of everything else (model, whatnot, from the same store)?

    Everyday laptops probably have bundled software for everyday use.

  6. I’d have to see what you were talking about as far as comparing a $600 gaming laptop and a $600 normal laptop.

    Here is what you should expect from a Gaming laptop.
    A processor faster than 2.4ghz, and a higher end video chipset.

    Now, a Gaming laptop can do everything a normal laptop can do. SO anything you can do with a normal laptop, you can do with a gaming laptop. The reverse is not true.

    So again, I would have to see the specs on that $600 gaming laptop you are talking about… because it sounds like you are comparing a $600 used gaming laptop made a few years ago, to a brand new $600 "normal" laptop… and a $600 used gaming laptop won’t play the newest games out there, and a $600 used gaming laptop is not much different from a brand new $600 normal laptop.

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