difference between a laptop and a notebook?


  1. the name

  2. The laptops and notebooks have only a single difference.

    1)The laptop will not be having the ventilation for fan in bottom, it’ll be in vertical sides. SO you can use it while having in your lap.
    2)But notebooks are different, they will have the ventilation for fan in bottom/in the vertical sides extending to bottom. So you’ll get heat while keeping on your lap/ fur/some irregular surface due to congestion.

  3. None. Different names for the same thing.

  4. laptops are larger in size and have cd drives etc and are heavier

    notebook is the same

    but if you mean NETBOOK then they are much smaller and dont come with cd dvd drives and are mainly for just browsing the internet and light tasks and also low energy consumption with smaller processors

  5. a note book u use a pencil and a laptop u use a mosue

  6. the name

  7. Nice_guy™ says:

    Laptops are fully functional portable PC’s, Smaller Notebooks (also known as netbooks) are designed primarily for surfing the internet. Notebooks perform most of the tasks laptops are capable of but are slower, often with less processing power and old operating systems. Most notebooks do not have a CD / DVD drives, relying on external Flash drives, SD Cards or the internet to import external data. Most notebooks do not have high spec graphics cards so will not be able to play current gen videogames, they often multitask at a much slower rate too. Typically notebooks feature more usb ports to hook up external equipment. Notebooks are better practically for portable use with less power hungry features, the batteries retain power for longer. I’ve seen a lot of laptops labelled as notebook because sizes have reduced, but its really a case of manufacturers leeching off a currently popular market . They are not the same, laptops have many more features.

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