Desktop PC vs Laptop?

right so I’ve had a little problem and I am undecided to get a desktop pc or a laptop
but he’s in the problem, I got to my dads house on a weekend friday night till sunday so should I get a laptop for that or should I get a desktop because they are faster and just leave it for the weekend? HELP


  1. Desktop pc of course for gaming , laptops dont worth so much you buy them only for carrying with you all the time.A good laptop costs too much for about 700 dollars with the same money you can buy a desktop pc and customize it to your needs as better sound card and graphics more memory and more

  2. Harvard Han says:

    Pros = desktop
    normal computer user = laptop.
    Why? Because desktop have much powerful processing power comparing to laptop. Easier to fix and customize. So it really up to you and what you want to use it for.

  3. Laptop

  4. Computer = Immobility Laptop = Mobility

    Computer = Unlikely to be damaged Laptop = Fatal if dropped

    Computer = Unlikely to be stolen Laptop = Easily stolen

    Computer = Unlikely to overheat Laptop = Susceptible to overheating

    Computer = Easy to upgrade Laptop = Not easy to upgrade

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