Desktop or Notebook?

I have £ 640 to spend on my new PC, and I already have an oldish (5years) desktop, so I would want to go for a notebook but I have noticed that with the money I have available notebooks have fewer features than desktops…
I’d mainly use it for internet surfing, writing and lots of PC games!
HELP! Any advice appreciated


  1. chrispycrunch says:

    If you need the space or mobility, get a laptop. It’s practically the same price as a desktop. I personally hate them because the ergonomics are so bad, and repair costs are very, very high.

    Desktops generally have more power/upgradability and cost less to fix.

  2. brandyt3747 says:

    Stick with the will get alot more for your money..laptops are nice if you need the mobility..but if you don’ can buy a loaded Pc for what you would spend on a lesser equipped laptop.

  3. TERRENCE A says:

    if you go for gaming go for desktops laptops and notebooks dont have the same space or ram and graphics to run games unless you go to the top end of the range about £1200 or so but you can get a decentlaptop for that price

  4. £640 will not get the very powerful notebook but a notebook is much better than aPC.

    But if you play alot of games get a PC as for that kinda price you can get a good PC with a nice powerful graphics card to run the games you play.

    My advice break the piggy bank and get all your money and spend more on a notebook.


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