Desktop or laptop?

I like laptops.


  1. I have a desktop and haven’t ever used a laptop.

  2. Candi Apples says:


  3. amberharris20022000 says:

    i have both like the desk top better

  4. I have both and could not do with out either one.If you are always on the go,then a lap top is what you’d want.

  5. desktop.period!!!

  6. I like desktops for all of the space for games and such. I like laptops when wireless web is available.

  7. desktops.. laptops are too fragile

  8. the picture says:

    Laptops. I could take them anywhere. I’m not even indoors right now.

  9. honest.tea. says:

    I like desktops because its easier to type on.

  10. Laptops definatley! Like right now, Im lounging on my big comfy double bed and messing around on yahoo answers. Way better than a desktop!

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