Dell Pink Laptops

Based in Texas, USA the company was formed in 1984 by Michael Dell with capital of just $1000. Dell began selling custom built PC’s direct to the public and soon progressed to designing their own computers with each unit being customised to the customer’s selection of options. This offered consumers an economical alternative to regular retail brands with the added benefit that they could choose to upgrade certain components at a relatively low extra cost.

Although Dell has since grown to be one of the world’s largest companies it is this ethos that sets them apart from their competitors. As with the original concept, customers are offered a basic entry level PC or laptop and offered a menu of options including a choice of processors, memory size, storage capacity, colours, accessories, and extended warranties they can simple mix and match to get the best possible deal to suit their needs and budget.


Dell were one of the first computer manufacturers to realise that not everyone wanted a grey or black laptop and began offering customisation options which started with a simple choice of base colours and evolved to the wide selection of customised designs and pastel colours we have come to expect as standard today.

Pink has remained one of the most popular colour choices, particularly amongst the growing of young, style conscious, female buyers who now see owning a laptop or netbook as a more or less essential lifestyle accessory.

The Dell Laptop Range

Dell offer a wide selection of base model laptops and netbooks to suit almost everyone’s needs and budget – from lightweight, portable netbooks to ultra-high spec performance business and gaming laptops and desktops. Most of Dell’s laptop range can be customised for a small extra cost and the choice of colours and designs are growing all the time. This is just a selection of the most popular models available in pink.

Pink Dell 10 inch netbook
Netbook computers have become very popular of late and Dell offer a range of options – the biggest seller being the Dell Mini 10. Ideal for anyone who needs a light and portable computing solution, the Mini 10 is ultra slim and will easily fit most standard sized handbags. Everyday essentials such as Wi-Fi, a webcam and USB connections are fitted as standard.

Standard format 15-inch laptops from Dell in a selection of bright and pastel colours

Dell Inspiron 15-inch Laptop

For those wanting a standard sized budget laptop the Inspiron range represents, possibly, the best value to be found. With a 15.6” display, a choice of processors, memory capacities and a host of extras the Inspiron is an entry level laptop which can easily be upgraded, at a little extra cost, into quite a high performer.

At £329 the base model has an Intel Celeron Processor, integrated Video Card, 3GB of RAM and a 250GB Hard Drive. Add £29 for the colour option and £80 for an Intel Dual Core Processor and you’ll have a great looking laptop which will easily outperform most other laptops around at a similar price.

Pink Dell 15-inck Studio Laptop

With a slightly higher base spec than the Inspiron, the Studio Laptop range is aimed at the business user and is also ideal if you want something more than a standard performance package. The base model starts at £499 and is great value when you consider that an Intel Processor, 4GB of RAM and a massive 500GB Hard Disc are fitted as standard. Spend a few pounds upgrading this model and you’ll be knocking spots off the opposition.

Dell 17-inch Studio Laptop with a customised design

Like its 15”counterpart the Studio 17 is a high performance laptop with the larger widescreen format display being ideal for watching movies or playing games. Not only is this a business class level laptop but an ideal multi-media centre as well. A 512MB Graphics Card is fitted as standard which, together with the 17.3” High Definition LCD Display will provide a great viewing experience.

Why Should You Buy Your Laptop From Dell?

The main benefit of ordering directly from Dell is that you have the greatest choice of upgrade options. Furthermore, because your laptop is built to order you can be sure that you are not buying a machine which has been sat on a shelf for many months or, in some cases, has been used before and returned to the store. Also, when buying from Dell you can also opt for easy finance and extended warranty options which would often cost much more when bought elsewhere.


recycle your old computer equipment with DellDell are one of the few computer manufacturers to offer a free recycling service to all their customers worldwide. Customers who have bought a new Dell computer can use the service to dispose of any old computer equipment. Dell are an environmentally aware company and nine of their worldwide facilities are powered by 100% green energy.

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