Dell Webcam Center has disappeared?

i got my laptop fixed aaaaages ago for a broken screen and i’ve just realised that ‘dell webcam center’ has gone. this means that i cannot access it in my computer and so can’t take pictures or movies.
the webcam is built in and the ‘dell webcam center’ was on the computer when i bought it. the webcam itself works occasionally in msn but usually not and i’d like to be able to take pictures and videos!
i used to get a folder called "dell webcam center" and it used to allow me to take pictures etc but now its just disappeared
is there any way to get it back without doing anything too technical or re-formatting my whole laptop?
i’ve looked EVERYWHERE!


  1. WyattEarp says:

    First thing to do is check your startup to see if it needs to be activated..

    It will have to been (checked) in the start up menu,,,go to Start…Run….type in MSCONFIG go to the start-up Tab and the services Tab…put a checkmark beside the dell webcam program …then select apply…system will want to reboot…reboot….windows will open saying you made changes to the startup

    menu…checkmark the bottom left..where it says don’t show again…your done.

    If you have Vista type MSCONFIG into the search window and follow the same instructions as above..

    If you cannot find anything in your startup, the you willneed to download the program again from Dell’s website. Just enter your computer information at this link below to find all your driver and programs from dell.


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