Dell Vostro V131 Touchpad gone crazy!?

Pretty much like the title states. The touchpad acts moody at times and say once every 6-7 minutes it starts going various directions rather than the one I’m pointing at. And usually gets corrected within a minute and at times stay until I reboot.

It does act weird regardless of whether it’s plugged in on charge or not. I tried installing earlier driver versions and that did not help (did for a while). I called up Dell and they were as unsupportive as always and never bothered doing anything about it. Finally took it to a local repair shop where the guy changed the trackpad and installed a new one. Now, a week after that, the issue seems to have returned.

I’m pretty sure it’s a way more complicated issue than just a trackpad or power adapter related one. Would appreciate if someone could input as to what the problem may be or as to how I can correct it. Thanks in advance.

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