dell touchpad not working?

So…the touchpad on my dell vostro 3360 is not working. at all. It is not recognised as even existing under the ‘pointing devices’ section. I have already tried installing/re-installing the drivers, I even downloaded older versions in case a more recent update had corrupted it and it worked for a few days then went straight back. I tried repeating the same thing again but this time it did not work. I’m out of ideas, any and all suggestions welcome!


  1. Dell Inc. says:

    Hi Paul,

    My name is Harish and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell. The problem more likely could be due to a faulty touchpad (Would need a replacement), But as in the earlier case, it was solved temporarily by installing a older version of drivers- You could probably upgrade the BIOS & Chipset drivers and then update the touchpad drivers once again. You could download the driver from the dell support page -( Enter the Service tag, Select the Operating system and download the BIOS & Chipset drivers ). If problem still persist-replace touchpad.

    Hope this was helpful.

    Dell-Harish K

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