dell studio 1737 black screen?

I have a dell studio 1737 that has not been working for a few months, when i start up i the dell logo appears but after i need to press F1 to continue because the battery is not recognized (problem before the laptop stopped working all together) I press that and the Microsoft corporation logo comes up with loading bar.
After this the screen does completely black but the mouse is there and can be moved around but i can do anything here except turn it off from the power button.
It’s really important that i access some Skype conversations that were on this laptop. If i can’t get the laptop to work again is their a way to get those conversations back?
Help needed badly


  1. Dell Inc. says:

    Hi RobADTR,

    I would suggest that you check the hardware by running the diagnostics. The steps are listed on the link below:

    If the diagnostics pass, you may try booting the system in Safe Mode. To boot the system in Safe Mode, restart the system, press F8 at Dell logo and once you are on the Advanced Boot Options menu, select the option ‘Safe Mode’ and press enter.

    If the system is able to boot in Safe Mode, you may restore the system back to a date when it was working fine by performing a System Restore. The steps are listed on the link below:

    If you are not able to boot in Safe Mode, you might have to take the system back to factory settings or reinstall the Windows using a disc. You would have to backup any important data in that case as these steps would cause loss of data.

    You may get a external USB cage to connect a hard drive externally to the system. Then take out the hard drive from your system, put it in the USB cage and connect it to another system. It will be detected as an external drive on the other system and you may backup the data.

    Hope this helps.


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