Dell stuck on startup?

Hi guys,

Woke up this morning, turned on my computer only to find it gets stuck on the very first Dell screen where the bar goes across to about 90% and then my computer starts beeping almost like when your leaning on the keyboard, anyone know what this could be ?

My computer is a dell Xps 720


  1. nemesis114 says:

    Hold down F8 on start up and you get to a screen that offers you the chance to start in "safe mode" – try starting it that way and let it run a self diagnosis.

    At best it’s a glitch – at worst your hard drive might be FUBAR

  2. it could be a faulty hard drive, contact dell with their live support or phone them. Dell customer support is one of the best. My brother had a dell xps 720 and he downloaded a program that wasn’t meant for vista and it broke his laptop, he needed a new hard drive, it was free of charge though.

  3. Joe Bloggs says:

    For Dell computers, if I recall correctly, you can press Alt and F11 at start up… and it will send you to a screen where you have option of starting fresh over. It could be Cntrl and F11.

    It will open a window asking if you want to proceed.. and all existing data will be lost.. but, after it does its stuff, Windows XP (or whatever) should then with be there as fresh and new.

    You lose your data though. I had to do that for a friend after something went wrong with her Dell computer, but it loaded up fresh XP, and taught her a lesson to backup data. That PC has been fine ever since.

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