Dell printers?

Does anyone know if there are alternative cartridges on the market for these printers, as opposed to having to buy them from Dell?


  1. feellicks says:

    go to office depot their brand has one that replaces the LEXMARK 26. BUT THAT SAME CARTRIDGE WORKS PERFECTLY WITH DELL PRINTERS!!!!

  2. You could .I have a dell printer and when i will need a new cartridge thats what i wiil go for Hope this helps you

  3. long_luscious_lashes says:

    I don’t think there are – in fact i ordered a Dell laptop at the weekend and was advised not to buy a Dell printer because you can only get the cartridges by ordering from Dell. So I would assume there aren’t alternative cartridges on the market.

  4. I don’t believe so. I tried that already and couldn’t find anything. Its a freaking raquet.

  5. johnusmaximus1 says:

    It’s true that Lexmark makes Dell printers. However, although Lexmark cartrdiges will fit into a Dell printer, the micorchip will prevent your printer from recognizing the Lexmark cartridge.

    In other words, you absolutely have to buy either Dell cartridges online or used Dell cartridges.

    If it were me though, I would set my Dell printer on the curb and let it be hauled away with the rest of this weeks trash. Lexmark (who also make Dell printers) is rated the worst printer company on the market according to PC Magazine. Users complain about the reliability and cost of ink cartrdiges. It would save you money in the long run to purchase a reliable printer that has ink that can be found in any store. Any printer will work with your Dell system as long as your computer has Windows 98 or better.

    I recommend the HP Photosmart C3180 (cartridges are $17 each) or the C4180 if you do photos. I own the C5180 and it’s better on ink than any printer I’ve ever had ($36 for a set of 6 ink cartridges and inludes 150 sheets of 4×6 photo paper), however the C5180 costs around $170.

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