Dell PC stuck on DELL logo?

I recently bought a desktop from dell, INSPIRON 530. It used to work perfectly, but the last 2 days, it gets stuck on the dell logot at every booting process. I need help!! Is anything wrong with my PC? What can I do?Please help!!


  1. nephtine2 says:

    Hi – if you recently bought it, it should still be under guarantee. I’d go to Dell’s website support and use the "live chat" option. This gives you access to a support technician in real time. Tell them the problem and they’ll talk you through diagnosis and solution. If it means you have to disconnect from the live session, they’ll send you the instructions by email so print them off first before following them.

    Another option is to visit Dell’s own forums, where you’ll find other dell users discussing and resolving all sorts of problems. You can always search for the answer or post your question in there as they are all dell users.

    I’m assuming you still have access to the internet though, even if on another PC, as you’ve been able to post this question. When talking to dell, make it clear to them whether or not you’re talking to them on a different pc OR the one you’re actually querying.

  2. BBowers says:

    Generally, Dells get stuck at the boot logo when it is trying to find hardware. Usually it means you ahve a hard disk problem, or a USB storage device plugged in and it doesn’t know how to use it at boot up. Unplug anything USB that’s plugged in and see if it will start. Otherwise, it is most likely the hard disk acting up.

    It’s not an operating system problem as others have suggested, until it makes it past the Dell logo, it hasn’t tried to do anything with the operating system yet.


  3. myallann says:

    Had a similar prob on a Packard Bell. Try pressing the F11 key when you switch on.
    Might have to up and down the key when you start buts worth a go.


  4. net_o_holic says:

    Shut down the computer by holding the power button down for few seconds.. when it goes off, unplug the power cord from the back of the computer (tower).

    When you have the cable out, push and hold the power button on the tower for 10 seconds (make sure you count that when holding the button down).

    Plug the power cord back and try to restart it.

    Should work.. Let me know what happens after you try dat

  5. Ravster says:

    if you are running vista then insert the installation DVD then when the computer starts keep pressing f12 then select boot from onboard or usb cd rom drive and it should load the files then select your country and language then it should automaticly detect your computer was unable to start and fix or restore it to how it was

  6. Oliver B says:

    souns like a hardware problem, on the front of dell pcs are 4 leds thats say 1 2 3 and 4, these are called diagnostic lights,
    Light Patterns and meaning

    just 3
    processor malfunction/failure
    3 and 4
    memory (RAM) is detected but has malfunctioned
    2 and 4
    a possible graphics card error
    2 and 3
    floppy or hard drive failure
    2, 3 and 4
    usb malfunction
    just 1
    no memory (RAM) is detected

    from this you can add details of the numbers shown and i’ll edit my answer with a solution if at all possible or after finding out what lights call dell, which ever your more comfortable doing

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