dell optiplex?????????

hi ihave a dell optiplex gx 270
is this machine capable to run doom 4?
can i upgrde the cpu ,and graphic card on this machine???
thanks a lot for helping.


  1. oke, you can try the game. the game said that the minimum system is P4-1,5GHz, 384MB ram.
    the graphic card on u’r comp is upgradeable, just make sure u purchase the suitable one

  2. prodaytrader1 says:

    This pdf file might give you the best info…

    and this is from Dell on your specific computer:

    All of this will tell you that you can do the following:
    Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 processor with 800 MHz front side bus and Hyper-Threading support
    Memory: 4 Dimm Slots at 400mhz up to 4GB
    Graphics: looks like internal onboard video which means pretty much just enough to read a text document.

    You can not run Doom 4 on this machine without more video power and even if you spent the money to buy the most memory, a bigger processor which would be enough, I dont think you have the room for a bigger video card. If by chance you do have the room for a bigger video card, the problem is going to be with the slot. That computer probably doesnt even have an AGP slot which we long since given up on and are now using PCI express for video and even PCI express 2 on the new motherboards. That motherboard does not support PCI express and probably not AGP but you would have to look. Open the case and see what the expansion slots look like. If they are all white then the answer is for sure no. If the one on the right is brown then you have AGP and your trick will be finding a video card that will fit in the slot. The new cards arent made for AGP anymore as they have all gone to PCIe or PCIe 2. If you can find an AGP card then look for one with 256megs of memory or more. Idealy you would want something in the 512meg range but I dont think you will find that on AGP and if you do it will probably be too big physically to fit in your case.

    In all honesty, it might be time for an upgrade. I just purchased a new motherboard for my nephew and a processor that will run Doom 4 quite easy for under 100 bucks. You would have to built it yourself but you will get much more bang for the buck over buying a Dell. I love Dells but you get more computer by building it yourself.

    If you insist on keeping the Dell and trying to cram the most power you can in there, go to dells site and put your service tag in there. It will bring up a page that is customized for your exact computer. It will have a wealth of info about whats in your computer and what you can put in there for upgrades.

    Good luck

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