Dell Optiplex GX110 Memory (RAM) Question?

I have a dell optiplex GX110 (the tower version not the flat box version). I am wanting to upgrade the memory in it. I know for a fact most dell computers are very picky about what memory they can take. It currently has 192MB (1X 128 and 1X 64) of SD sodimm memory non -ecc. They are both 100mhz. Will it be able to take 133mhz memory?


  1. Go to, download the Active X scanner and let them scan the computer. Their program will tell you what kind of RAM you can install and how much and offer to sell you the right RAM:

  2. micksmixxx says:

    You’re right about some Dell computers being picky about the memory they can run on, mate. Unfortunately, this usually means that they’ll only function when using low-density RAM modules, and they just happen to be more expensive than high-density ones. (On a side-note here, you computer does NOT us SODIMM modules. This is the type of RAM that fits in laptops/notebooks/netbooks. Yours uses Non-ECC SDRAM modules.)

    Sadly, Crucial don’t have any RAM modules for your computer, but Dell, apparently, do. It may give you a shock when you see the price of £41.52 for each 256 MB RAM module though. (You can see their offering at the first url below.)

    The second url below gives you information/specifications of your computer. (It can handle a maximum of 512 MB RAM, by the way, in modules of 32 MB, 64 MB, 128 MB or 256 MB size.)

    The third url below is to the page on (UK) where it tells you "No memory upgrades are available for your Dell OptiPlex GX110 Series Desktop/PC."

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