Dell mini 910 wont re-format?

My friend is trying to re-format her Dell mini 910 but it gets half way through and it says (the file ‘NT5INF.CAT’ on windows xp is needed, type the path where the file is located,and click ok), it is a Original xp disk so cannot see why it keeps popping up, i cant get into safe mode or get of that stage, can someone PLEASE help me ?


  1. bon-gart says:

    It is an original Xp disc.

    Well… XP is now 10 years old. So, even if that disc is not from when XP first came out, that disc is still more than just a few years old. Have you examined the disc for damage? You know… any scratches or smudges or fingerprints or junk? Where did this Original XP disc come from? Why aren’t you using the Dell Recovery Media that Dell would provide if she called Dell and asked for it?

    It sounds like the disc cannot be read… either because of the external optical drive, or because of the disc itself.

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