Dell Latitude Wireless Driver Help?

My friend has a Dell Latitude C540/Cit640 laptop and it’s missing the drivers to go on the internet. However we’re really confused about it. We were told it has a wireless card in it, but apparently according to the web it’s LAN only. Basically can anybody give me a link to where I can find a download for the 3Com 3C920 Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller (3C905C-TX Compatible) driver? And tell me if it’s wireless or lan?



  1. Mohamed says:

    Dell latitude would probably get u mad be4 fixing any thing in it….also installing the components u got from their official website would be such a nuisance BUT u will find what u r looking for at their official website…also i doubt that contains no wireless card..any way look on the laptop body u would probably find a slide for the WiFi device ….If u became 100% sure there is no wireless device in the laptop u might buy a mobile modem (sold by Sim cards companies) will help u surf the net outdoor also in most models it contains a wireless device so u can haunt any open WiFi connection

  2. Southpaw says:

    An ethernet controller is for an ethernet cable between the PC and router / modem, not wireless.
    The best place to get drivers for a computer is the manufacturers website, in your case Dell. Here is the link, take it from there;
    Here is the service manual;
    I would think it unlikely that a laptop would not have a wireless card built in given the portable nature of it, but at my age I am still prepared to be surprised.
    It would be a small chip on the motherboard however, with an aerial attached.
    Best of luck with it, Bert.

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