dell latitude csx?

what are the features that a dell latitude csx has, i mainly need to know if it has a usb input and a pcmia slot


  1. gr0undh0gd4y says:

    read review by a normal person and not a sales man

    im a member and this site saved me time and money and not a sales man for miles.

    hoggie NBR member.
    and if you like your laptop write a review. if its junk still write a review.we like to here what people are saying about there laptops. thanks Hoggie -_-

  2. cheese9989 says:

    it also has a feature that will make it crash after about a year DONT GET A DELL!

  3. junglejungle says:

    Dell Latitude CSx PIII 500mhz Internet Ready Used Laptop

    * Intel PIII 500mhz Processor
    * 13 inch TFT color Display
    * 4 meg Video RAM
    * 128 meg RAM
    * 56k modem
    * 10 Gig Hard Drive
    * Parallel and USB ports
    * CDROM Drive
    * 3.5 inch Floppy Drive
    * 2 PCMCIA Slots
    * Built in sound and speakers
    * Windows 98 SE
    * AC adapter
    * Battery (not warranted)

    I have a CPi someone gave me free (i got it off freecycle) its very old. 7 years or so and a lower spec. i would change the OS to linux.. forget win 98, it’s not supported. download something like damn small linux or open suse.

    hope that helps

    as for buying one.. unless its dirt cheap forget buying it, you might as well buy a better spec machine off

    for a start

    although I should buy a wifi card as mine doesn’t have a RJ45 port built in like my newer centrino laptop.. its good enough for web browsing, open office etc.. providing your using a router. I’m not 100% sure if the usb port on mine is usb 2, but i suspect it is..

    I am using mine to emulate older 8 bit computers.

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