Dell Laptop XPS i7 webcam?

i have a Dell XPS i7 laptop and my webcam has always worked, but today my webcam stopped working and doesn’t recognise i have one? its built into the laptop and i have never had this problem. If i click onto the Dell Webcam Central programme, it opens and displays previous photos but the camera will not turn on, iit does not turn on in skype either or any other programme.
i have not recently installed or uninstalled any major programmes or hard drives and i don’t know why it has suddenly stopped working.

Is there any way to fix it?


  1. Frostfire says:

    Try reinstalling the drivers.

  2. Dell Inc. says:

    Hi Hannah,

    I would suggest you to check if the camera is recognized in Device Manager.
    To go to Device Manager, click on Start and type device manager, click on Imaging Devices and you should see the camera driver software.

    If it is not recognized run the Dell Diagnostics on the Lite-On Webcam. If the camera fails diagnostics, the Monitor needs to be replaced.

    If diagnostics passed, uninstall and reinstall Dell Webcam Software from My Dell Downloads. Also, reinstall the Chipset Drivers from the Dell’s support site. Use the link:
    Once you are on this website, insert system Service Tag and choose Operating System, click on Chipset and update it.

    Also, download and Install the Latest Version of Microsoft DirectX from Microsoft website. Check if the camera works.

    The camera is recognized in Device Manager, increase the available light, adjust the direction, or change the color of the light source. Also reset the contrast settings.

    The issue still remains unresolved, perform System Restore to a previous date when the camera was working fine. Use the link to guide you through the steps of System Restore:

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks and Regards
    Priyanka S

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