Dell laptop won't charge?

I have a dell Inspiron laptop and it will not charge. I have no battery left in it so it will not turn on. Everytime I plug my charger in the green light on the charger turns on but when I plug the charger into the laptop the green light on the charger goes off and the laptop will not charge or get any power. I have tried taking the laptop battery out and in again and it did not work.

Could this be a problem with the charger or the laptop?


  1. Dell Inc. says:

    Hello LJ ,

    If the AC adapter’s LED goes off as soon as it’s plugged in to the system, then it could be a fault with the motherboard. I would suggest you to try using a good know AC adapter (if available) and test the symptoms. Nowadays, most of our laptops come with a daughter card which is connected to the motherboard. When you connect the AC adapter, it connects to the daughter card. So in such scenarios you do not have to replace the entire motherboard but just the daughter card only.

    You can download the service manual from our support website and check the details whether which type of motherboard does computer comes with. Click and enter your system’s service tag to access product related documents.

    Thanks & Regards
    Vishal S

  2. Unplug your laptop battery for some time, then try again.

  3. Alan917 says:

    The simple answer to your question is Yes, but that does not help.

    With the battery removed plug the charger in. If the laptop then works the charger is OK.

    If not, then you probably have a break in the cable at the connection to the laptop or the DC socket in the laptop is faulty.

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