Dell laptop broken screen?

I have a Dell Inspiron laptop 1300 WXGA with a 14.1" broken screen.I am looking for another damaged laptop with a good screen.Does anyone know what other dell laptop screens will fit my broken laptop.Will any 14.1" dell laptop or even 15.4" widescreen fit any dell laptop,or do all models have different connections etc. Thanks


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    Although other screens often fit you should always use the exact screen that is supplied with the laptop. There are 2 reasons for this:-1 there are several different specifications of screen giving different resolutions for the 14" unit, the wrong one will usually give strange fuzzy line effects. 2 The connector and specification of the back light vary. So in summary use the exact screen to replace the broken screen.

  2. Hi
    To find out if any other screen will fit is to contact Dell support at. you may have to email or phone them for the information. Also try eBay have seen damaged Dell laptops on there.
    Do you no you can use another monitor on your laptop with cable connection normally on back of the laptop.
    hope this will give you some ideas
    good luck.

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