DELL LAPTOP – bios password?

Hi, i got old laptop to fix, it is Dell Inspiron 3700, bios 450GT Setup, A06
My Service Tag is J8UB2, and i need configure setup password.
I tried latitude.exe , but given password was wrong.
i cant use any software , because i cant get to copy anything, because cd-rom is not installed, only floppy disk left, but boot disk not working as well, i can just copy from floppy disk onto c: \ drive. HEEEELP!!!!


  1. Spanky is correct. You either need to know the password, have a Dell BIOS upgrade CD (which any Dell Authorized Service provider would probably have), or contact Dell for the master password.

    Unless it is really old the trick of pulling out the CMOS battery does not work anymore. The password info is stored on an eeprom chip, that does not require a battery to keep the info.

  2. I read once that on some specific Dell laptops, you must short circuit the "CMOS" chip. Removing the battery won’t work.

  3. Mr. Know It All says:

    Just pull the CMOS battery out of the laptop for a few seconds, that will default the BIOS back to factory config.

  4. robertsimon888 says:
  5. Each Dell Inspiron has a master password which will clear the BIOS password. You can get this number by calling Dell Technical Support at (800)624-9896.

    Dell Technical Support will request the Service Tag and Express Service Code from the bottom of your Inspiron.

    If you were not the original owner of the Inspiron, Dell will transfer registration of the used Inspiron from the original owner with only the Service Tag and Express Service Code from the tag on the laptop.

    Other than that, some default pass#’s are Zero’s…..just enough to fill the field.

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