Dell Inspiron laptop owners needed!?

Does anyone own one of the new Dell Inspiron laptops? I’m talking about the ones in a variety of four colours. This is a link to it:

I’m strongly considering buying this laptop with my juicy work bonus, but I’ve never owned anything by Dell before and I’m struggling finding reviews on this particular range.

If anyone out there owns this laptop, or one very similar, can you let me know what they’re like, and if they have any annoyances or any area where they perform poorly?

Many thanks!


  1. HarryPotter says:

    ha! I bought one of those and returned it 2 weeks later. Maybe it was just vista, but I bluescreened with that thing about 10 times in the two weeks. I also had some problems with the power adapter not working at times. I ended up paying 500 dollars more for a mac with similar specs to that dell. SO dells are much cheaper, but I love my mac now, and it’s never bluescreened ;)

  2. I have Dell Inspiron laptop which i have had for over 3 years and upto now i have had no problems with it . If mine ever dies i would buy another one .

  3. Julie L says:

    I recentely bought a Dell XPS M1530 from the Dell outlet. I’m really happy with it. It is quick and looks really good too. I don’t have an inspiron but I have worked with them. They’re good PCs as long as you get a decent configuration. Get it with the Core 2 Duo and at least 2 GB of RAM.

  4. watch_the_birdie says:

    Just waiting for a dell inspiron 1525 to be delivered now. My mate has one and loves it….the link you gave is the 1520, which is the old version of the 1525 (the 1525 only came out last month). The 1520 only lasted about 6 months as there have been a few complaints, so dell made some great improvements and bought out the 1525.

    I would recommend going for the 1525 as it is newer and lighter and better. Also buy directly from the dell website, as there are constant deals – often PC world have set prices on things whereas it will probably be cheaper to get the same thing from Dell.

    Buying direct from dell also means you can get the exact specifications YOU want, rather than being forced by PC world to have a certain one.

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