Dell Inspiron 1545 tech help?

I am getting a Dell Inspiron 1545 from cousin he says their is no webcam but I am sure there is, is there I have seen some with? If it doesn’t is their a webcam which is small and can attach all the time without having to take it off and take usb out as it will be annoyinggggg


  1. Hi,

    Inspiron 1545 laptop comes with a 1.3 Mega pixel webcam. However, webcam is an optional feature. If you wish to use a Webcam with your laptop, I would suggest you to get a dedicated webcam that connects to the USB. It would be difficult and expensive to get a webcam integrated on the system. I do agree that having to connect a USB webcam could be annoying but there isn’t much of choice.

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    Vishal S

  2. jesus_disciple777 says:

    I have a 1545 and it does have a webcam. Open the lid and it’s in the middle of the lid at the top facing you. Very good cam indeed. You can use a USB plug in cam too if you really want but the Dell one is so good I doubt you’ll find a better USB one except by paying a huge amount for one.

  3. Dell Inspiron 1545 is supposed to have a good webcam already as one of its features. There are things not so good with that laptop, but there should be a web cam.
    If you do need a web cam, they are always USB, and although the size varies, most are not very tiny. This one is small:

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