Dell Inpiron 15r SE digitally delivered software?

I recently ordered a Dell Inpiron 15R SE about 2 weeks ago.
It arrived and everything was fine until I noticed that my computer was missing the digitally delivered software which was meant to come with it, when i open the program ‘Dell Digitally Delivered’ it says everything is up to date, and i know that there is meant to be programs to download there,

Maybe it will pop up and i am being impatient but if you could help it would be great, thanks


  1. Higgy Baby says:

    Did you go through a "set up" when you first powered it up?
    We had to do that with a new HP laptop. It actually took several hours!

  2. Hi Elliot,

    Dell Digital Delivery is a service which enables you to purchase software at the time you order your computer and then download and install it automatically once you receive the computer and connect to the internet.

    To get more information on Dell Digital Delivery you may refer to the link:

    Meanwhile, you may send me the system Service Tag to my email address, so that I can check the details.
    My email address:

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks and Regards
    Priyanka S

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