Dell Hard Drive Manufacture Question?

I have a Dell Studio 15" laptop. Yesterday I ran a Dell Support Centre check, when it was completed I looked at the detailed results and was surprised to find that the hard drive was manufactured by Samsung.

A search on Wikipedia does not show any connections between Dell and Samsung.

Should I have been surprised?


  1. sewrobb says:

    Nothing to be surprised about and nothing unusual in business.

    Companies like Dell who just assemble bits and stick their name on it,
    buy bits here and there where they can get a good price per unit to
    make the maximum profit.

    If for instance their supplier for hard drives can’t deliver on time for
    some reason then they will buy the equivalent from somewhere else.

    The same with motherboards, video and sound cards.

    They buy what they can at the time from people who can deliver on time.

    Companies who run on tight schedules don’t wait about for people
    who can’t deliver on time. They go straight to someone else who
    has got it and can deliver straight away.

    That’s why computers and laptops are always a mish mash of bits.

    Check one run and it will have one type of board, check another run
    and it will have a completely different one, although they are similar.

  2. Dell computers tend to use Samsung hard drives as i have a desktop computer by Dell and it uses Samsung hard drives

  3. hi clive, dell uses radeon parts now how does radeon rate? second so they are using quality parts so who makes radeon samsung. so no dell is using very good parts the only company that is better is sony and this is a matter of the user no one said sony is better so it was frompersonal use. now what makes dell is there support page has all of the drivers right there in their web sight. so no big surprize. good luck i hope i was helpful to you

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