Dell Dimension E521- PSU questions?

Anyone know for certain if it’s possible to change the PSU in a Dell Dimension E521? Have checked many websites but can’t seem to get a definite answer, and if it is possible, what PSU’s are compatible with it?

Any suggestions or ideas greatly appreciated:D


  1. brianthesnail123 says:

    hi dan
    whats so different in a dell pc and every other pc avalible,they are all made with the basic motherboard and sata hard drives,plus they all use ddr2 memory
    its just the people at dell convince the end user they will damage their systems if they use anything other than dell certified components
    motherboards use 2 different types of psu connection,20pin and 20 + 4pin,so your best option is to open your side panel(or case) and evaluate which you need and then check out various websites for the most appropriate psu
    another method is when you open the case check the current psu and note any details on the side of the current psu,the "max output" entry is the wattage of your psu,so you will obviously need more than this
    to evaluate what wattage you will need go to and use the "eXtreme Power Supply Calculator Lite v2.5"
    to use this all you need to do is enter the specifications of your p.c and press "calculate",this will then give you a rough idea of how much power(in watts) your p.c needs
    and for a example i have a pentium 4 3.2ghz,2 x sata drives,2 x optical drives,geforce 7600gt,5 x 800mm fans and 2 x cathod tubes….and my result was 223watts…so that gives you a idea of how little a p.c actually needs
    any problems let me know
    good luck dan !

  2. This model is a midsize ATX case. It has a SATA hard drive so you might want to get a an ATX power supply with both peripheral and SATA connectors.

  3. hw4ng_m says:

    I’m pretty sure its possible. i used to have a dell dimension e520 if not e521 and i replaced it easily. Just make sure that the PSU is BTX-supported because the E521 is a BTX layout.

    For PSU’s, I would go to Newegg and just search BTX for all the PSU’s they have

  4. dgaguine says:

    Lets be clear here. The E521 is a BTX layout. If Dell are following the BTX specs you will need a BTX PSU as an ATX will not have the right motherboard connector. You can get ATX/BTX compatible PSUs however. Maybe thats your best bet
    This is why upgrading these basic setups is sometimes not really cost effective, after you have upgraded the PSU, RAM CPU and video card its almost as cheap to get another base unit
    If you google on BTX + PSU you will get plenty of hits

  5. spring_rainbows says:

    yes its possible to change the PSU, what model is compatable im not sure. Your best off taking it to a professional if you don’t know which onces are compatible!

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