Dell Dimension 4800 Audio Driver For Vista?

I went to and the support and drivers but they did not hae any drivers for Vista only for XP, so i download the XP to see if it would work but it did not, Then i call Dell support and they say i have to buy a warrany for Software because i only had a warrany for hardware. So I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Any help would be greatful!!!


  1. oakwood_99 says:

    What I would do is try and go around Dell and look at the internal components of your computer. I do not believe that Dell makes it’s own motherboard, so if the motherboard happens to gigabyte or asus or whatever, then you can get that driver from the motherboard manufacturer

    It is possible that it is a OEM board that is made for Dell and you have no idea where it came from, and then you may have a hard time, but you could always buy sound card and not have to worry about it anymore

    But finally, Vista should support it, but I have heard that that some installs of Vista do not have the recent updates needed to complete all the audio stuff in it, so you might try to and update your installation or you can try the link below and maybe it will help

  2. Christopher L says:

    Try checking this, right click on "Computer" then go to "Properties" -> "Device Manager", do you see a yellow exclamation mark on any audio devices? if so, right click it and click properties, and click install drivers.

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  3. Hello,

    (ANS) No.1 If you bought a DELL machine (i.e. a Dimension 4800) you can use your machines service tag & go to DELL’s website. Use the tag & log into the site>>next>>you should be able to search easily for ALL the drivers that are directly relevent to your machine, including the audio/sound drivers. These are always free for your dell system.

    No.2 NOTE: Most XP device drivers do infact work with Vista only a minority don’t but even these can often be run in compatibility mode.

    No.3 IF for any reason you fail to find drivers for your sound card or audio hardware then you could try the following website.

    SEE:- (you have to register but its totally free) and you may well find drivers on this site. Again requires searching for. Its a very good site & so if you don’t find them here you are unlikely to find them else were.

    No.4 Find out who the actual maker of the sound card is, is it a branded make or is it an integrated device i.e. sound chip on the MB. Also note integrated devices i.e.emulated sound cards on the MB are more tricky to get drivers for and dell often cuts costs by using onboard devices like this.

    No.5 NO!! NO!! you shouldn’t have to pay extra for audio drivers. Especially if the machine came with Vista pre-installed. Even if you have XP before & upgarded to Vista you should still be able to find drivers for free. DELL are telling you a load of twaddle they are just trying to make extra money from you (don’t pay them for this it should be free).

    Kind Regards Ivan

    computer veteran, windows user ever since 1989.

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