Dell Dimension 3100 Pc Upgrades?

I have a dell dimension 3100 pc and am wanting to upgrade it
i am looking to get a 1TB external HDD which i no will work with my pc but i am wanting to upgrade my RAM and Graphics Card
Do anyone know if i can upgrade these parts if so how much can i upgrade it by (125mb Ram Wanting 1gb)(Wanting a Nvidia G-Force (not sure which one)) and also lastly What G-Force should i get???????


  1. Joshua Parnell says:

    you should just get a new computer. the RAM for that model isnt even made anymore, so you’re looking at several hundred dollars IF you can even find it.

    down the left side is Parts Upgrades then next page you pick dimension then next page is 3100.

    Look like the max RAM is 2 gigs and in todays world, you want at least 2 gigs. You will not be gaming well with just 1 gig. And your best operating system for it is XP. They have a pretty good deal on the 500 gig HDD. They have several graphics cards for that model. For your old model, the CPU is going to be the bottleneck. The latest graphics cards will be slowed down by the CPU. And you are not upgrading the CPU without new motherboard and power supply.

    If you have just 128meg then get the ram to 2 gigs and it will feel like a brand new computer. It still will not be as fast as the newest ones on the shelf. XP runs a lot better on 2 gigs then choking on 128 meg. RAM is the best thing you can upgrade. See what graphics cards Dell lists for your 3100.

    Start saving money for a new computer with an intel i5 or i7 processor. Your CPU/motherboard is your ball and chain and upgrading RAM will make it a lot nicer.

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