Dell Computers?

Hi i am looking to get a new pc as mine is currently dying i have seen dell pcs are doing some good deals through pc world my question is are dell any good


  1. Dell are good but, before buying one from PC World go to and pick out the computer ypu want. Next go to and look for the computer you picked. The advantage being that this site is a division of Dell which sells new, computers with a full one year factory warranty. The prices are reduced due to a cancelled order or a change in specification.

  2. If you buy a Mac there’s not nearly as much software on the market to run on them as on a PC.

    If you buy a DELL at PCWorld ask the sales advisor if the new PC is covered by DELL’s (not PCW’s) one year collect & deliver cover service. If it’s not then you will be stuck with PCW’s own version which …. quite frankly gets a thumbs down from me.

    If you buy a DELL straight from DELL you get automatic one year collect & deliver service, but only after the DELL technician has gone over some troubleshooting with you over the phone.

    PCW has only just started stocking DELL’s so… it’s a bold new frontier. What I’m trying to say is buya DELL from DELL, not PCW – plus you get the choice of a whole product line.

    Don’t know much about HP – but they used to be good.

    The point being a lot of PC’s share the basic same components… the difference is the cheap brands ususally sell soldered on components which makes it more difficult to upgrade later in the future, say you wanted a faster processor.

    Just don’t buy a printer from DELL.
    Their ink cartridges are stupidly expensive.

    At least that was the case in the olden days!

  3. It really depends on what you are going to be using the computer for.

    For working/school work, Dell’s would be good.

    For games (offline), I’d suggest an Emachine or HP

    For online games, I’d suggest a Mac (never had one but I’ve been told they are great for online gaming)

    And if you are not on a budget, Alienware computers are amazing :P

  4. Not bad computers, but use proprietry parts when needing repairs. I have a fully functional Dell but it’s a no go for repairs as it has an intermittent fault with the on/off switch and is unrepairable without Dell parts which is not cost effective.

  5. Aneil CRICKET KING Chumber says:

    Dell computers are good. My old one that I had lasted me six years and I did not phone Dell up once for any problems so go ahead and buy it!!!!!


    Macs are betterr xD

  7. Ive always had Dell computers and they have always been great.
    Their support is very good if there is a problem too.
    PC World are too expensive, your best bet is to build your own Dell.

  8. I wouldn’t touch Dell or HP.
    I have more of these in for repair than anything else by miles.
    Find a good local independant shop & use them.

  9. achillesvo says:

    Dell is pretty crummy in my opinion. When it comes to computers, it really matters that you get what you pay for. Dells are more low end low cost computers that are more suited for businesses. If you’re just looking for something simple to use for internet and typing stick with a Toshiba. They make lots of their own parts and their quality is a little better. Dells are more like a Ford Taurus where all the parts are made outside the USA versus a Honda Civic where honda makes all the parts.

  10. Dell computers are good…..I like HP best..because they are still maintaining a slight lead in new PC sales over its rival…Dell is very difficult to deal with if you don’t want to purchase parts from them…. Anyway, get a nice Dell PC….

  11. Dell computers are good, I have a Dell and it has been wonderful.
    I’ve never had ANY ANY ANY problems with any of my 3 DELL computers, 2 desktops, and 1 laptops. ( One desktop is 5 years old and my laptop is 2 years.)

    I’d recommend Dell to anyone based upon my experience

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