Dell 9200 Computer HDD Question?

Recently the 3.5 Sata HDD Windows Xp Intel Core 2 crashed in my Dell Dimension 9200 Desktop and i want to know if i buy a empty hard drive for it and put on a operating system, will the drivers be included with the OS and is that all i would need to do to set up a new hard drive?


  1. Nate P. says:

    If you use the recovery disks you should use them as they contain the proper drivers and a Windows license. If you don’t have them, don’t want to pay for Windows then you can go the Linux route and I’ve rarely had to install drivers using it. Ubuntu is free and OpenSource and has been very useful to me but I’ve used others.

  2. Hi,

    Most versions of windows will have the necessary drivers on the windows cd but they will not be the latest drivers so you may have to update them.

    You may find that not all the drivers are there but once you can connect to the net you can download them from the hardware manufacturers site.

    Once you boot from the windows XP cd you can then format the drive and install windows.


  3. if your computer came with a restore disk, then the drivers will be on the version of XP that is on the restore disk. If you need to build it from a retail XP CD, then you probably will need to at least download the network driver, put it on a CD or USB drive, and install that. Once you have internet access, you can go to Dell’s website and download all the other necessary drivers.

  4. ChatRoomKiller says:

    You will need the Dell system restore disk to get all the drivers.
    You may be able to load a MS Win Disk (but you’ll need a key) and go to Dell’s website and get them off. Assuming you can get the netcard to work to get to the internet. (your Dell key should be on a sticker on the PC or with the Dell disks.)

    You will also need the Dell applications disk cuz you will only have Windows at that point. No Dell web cam, Dell-Dock, wireless and video s/w etc. Then you will need to load all your other stuff you put on… Photoshop, MS Office, iTunes, online banking, printer and scanner s/w etc.

    After you do a restore allow at least an hour for first time on the internet for everything to update. Adobe, IE, LIVE, Silverlight, Security etc…

    You should check the yellow wire on your pwr supply to see if you still have 12v. Some time your supply will still have 5v but not 12 and it won’t run the hdd. Get a meter and find a connector with a yellow (12v) , 2 black (grnd) and 1 red (5v) wire. Turn on your system and touch the positive test lead to yellow and the neg to either black. If you don’t get >10.8vdc the supply is bad and you can get another for $60. $40 if you don’t care if it says Dell. Its a 375watt ATX I believe. It should say.

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