Dell 200 sound driver problem?

I have acquired a Dell Vostro 200 small tower computer which did not have an operating system or any installation discs with it. I loaded Xp Pro onto it and found it needed some drivers. I downloaded all the missing drivers from the Dell website and installed them. All loaded OK except the sound driver, which will not install, I get a message saying that the installation failed. Am I doing something wrong ?.

I tried putting an old PCI sound card in a spare slot and this was detected and works fine, but I would prefer to be able to use the full onboard sound and the front sound / microphone ports. I have checked the wesite again and according to it, it is the correct driver, Realtec 7.1 AC888.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  1. unknown user says:
    I believe this is the right audio driver.
    If this does not work then try this

    both files are 29.9Mb which shows we are looking at the same audio driver here unless by coincidence they are randomly both at 29.9Mb. These websites are Safe, make sure you do not click on any ads but instead the right download button because sometimes there are ads that flash ‘download’ which can make people download malware.

    I hope that i have helped, and good luck :D

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