connection sony vaio with samsung LCD?

Hello gurus,

I bought Samsung LCD LE40536 model recently. I tried to connect my sony Vaio FZ38M with LCd. but nothing is working. My dell PC worked with LCD.
Could somebody help me regarding this? any software need to download?

thanks in advance



  1. no extra software…. you need to output from your laptop to the monitor… hold down fn and along the top of the keyboard you’ll see all the function keys (f1, f2 etc) you’ll also see little diagrams… its the one that looks like two monitors…. usually fn +f5

  2. the sony vaio and samsung have a problem working together, there is no fix for this. the only answer is to connect your pc to it, and then change the vga connectors to the laptop without turning of the tv.
    A unique problem, your jusy unfortunate to get this comination of equipment in your hands

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