Connecting laptop to TV?

How do I connect my laptop to my TV??


  1. Bruno Tataglia says:

    You need to have a S-Video output on your laptop. This is usually a yellow port. Then your TV needs to have a S-Video input as well. Needless to say, you must have the corresponding cable to marry the two. Then look for the button on your laptop to do the switch. This is usually placed on one of the function keys, F7, F4, whatever… it should be marked with LCD/tv screen icon.
    All the best, man…

  2. speedy_horn_zalis says:

    Your Laptop Has To Have What Is Called A S-Video Connector
    You Will Also Need The Cable AS WELL AS Your Tv Has To Have S-Vid Input
    To Activate It go to Display properties And Choose The 2ndmonitor And Click Extend Windows To This Monitor

  3. bogus_dude says:

    Your TV will need to have a DVI, S-video, or VGA port that you can purchase a cable to connect to from your PC. I wouldn’t bother unless you have a HD TV.

  4. From a laptop with an S-video TV out socket, I use an S-video cable AND an audio cable – mini stereo jack form the laptop’s headphone out to twin phonos for the TV in. It depends on what inputs your TV has. Another option is to a combo lead with S-video and stereo mini jack on one end and a SCART on the other – but this may be expensive: I bought a cheap one from Maplin and the S-video pins were very flimsy and bent on first use, so I’d go for something a bit more solid.

    You then need to tune your TV to the S-video (or SCART) input, and activate the TV display setting on the laptop – e.g. on Windows XP it’s one of the advanced control panel display settings. (It took me while of looking at a blank screen to work that out.)

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