computers or laptops??

computers or laptops wahat do u prefer??


  1. laptops… they are more mobile

  2. Laptops

  3. pieloverkid says:

    Laptops for travel and PC for home.

  4. Jesus on a U-boat says:

    computer laptops break easy

  5. billys_office says:

    if you need portability ( student take to school)
    ( saleman on the road) , very small space such as a student and may be moving a laptop is a good idea
    If not a laptop is stupid , stupid , stupid idea
    Expensive , fragile, very intricate and very expensive to fix ( newer cheap ones are throwaway with even very few parts available) , slow
    If something breaks – say a dvd you cannot just go to best buy and buy a dvd on sale to swap
    You have to get that older model for that laptop
    A dvd burner for a desktop is run of the mill, they can be had for $ 35 – $ 40 for the newer faster models.
    A dvd burner for laptop models ( uninstalled ) can be $ 250 on ebay
    Batteries last only a year ( 200 charges) and cost $ 100
    If you need the portability then laptops are great.
    If not , it is a foolish idea.
    Big box stores such as Best Buy and staples push them as there is much better chance of sellinge extended warranties on the laptops due to high repair costs.
    Idiot women buy inexpensive ( and expensive ) laptops to put on desk , never to move , plugged in 24/7 to fry the battery since the laptops are "soooooooo cute"
    I want to smack these stupid people around.
    Hope this helps

  6. zildjiandrummer8 says:


  7. i dont know…i would have to say both…
    laptops are easy to travel with
    but with desktops you have more space (like hard drives and stuff)
    so im gonna say both

  8. The correct question should be Desktop or Laptops?
    Its quite easy, Laptop is for ease of use. You can take it anywhere.

    Desktops are easier to upgrade and better for gaming.

    Overall, I dont know what I would do without my laptop!

  9. brainlady says:

    computers because
    they don’t overheat as much as laptops.
    somehow i feel more in control with them
    the specifications are much higher for less money than laptops too.

    Laptops have their place- just not convinced- have 3 computers – one is a laptop but still rely on my computer for large projects.

  10. peroxide.pixie says:

    My laptop is great, 12" screen so ultra portable and with loads of cool stuff to keep me occupied and wireless internet, would be lost without it! Computers are ok in offices, but being a student im always on the move and having this with me helps loads!

  11. i have both laptop and desktop. My laptop rocks and i havent been on my desktop in almost 3 months lol

    and laptops can be just as good at playing games. Runs my games just fine and they are some big games.

  12. TheAbominableSnowman says:

    Desktop is usually better to play games with while laptops are for work, you can store some school project on lap top and carry it around lol.

  13. Hello There!! says:

    laptops . …. . easy to carry around

  14. Saucy Spider says:

    I have to prefer desktop as I don’t have a laptop to compare it to.

  15. depends on the use … if you are just using it at home for standard use, then definately a desktop.

    However, if you need it with you on appointments or for school or work, then a laptop is your choice.

  16. £&$! m0n! says:

    a laptop totally cus its easier to use. the computer mouses are hard to use cus sometimes when u move the mouse the icon u move doesnt move

  17. momofoneson says:

    Desktop from what I’ve seen so far in laptops. Laptops seem much more limited on space and the such, although more versatile to take with you. But I still prefer a desktop.

  18. laptop duh you can take it everywhere

  19. Depends for what. I take it you mean Desktop, rather then Computer lol.

    Laptops are mobile, but you cant update the hardware like you can on a desktop. But you cant take a desktop around everywhere with you.

  20. I have both the laptop and a desk top….laptop is convient if u go on a trip….I never leave home with out it…lol

  21. Irish Princess says:


  22. Catherine T says:


  23. Samuel Adams says:

    A laptop is a computer. If you are referring to desktops vs. laptops each has their own advantage. I prefer to use a desktop when at home because it has more power/capabilities etc., but it is nice to have a laptop when your on the go.

  24. Al Shaitan says:

    laptops are much better for hacking

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