Computer help! Sony Vaio with blue screen!?

Well, I have a JS Series vaio computer MY COMPUTER:

And I keep getting this blue screen over and over when I try to download iTunes. The problem is that it shuts down every time the blue screen comes up. I really need iTunes, because I’m trying to transfer my music. PLEASE HELP!!!!


  1. Hi,

    That is most likely a driver clash or a corrupt driver.

    Can you make a note of the error when you get the blue screen?

    If you cannot get the full message, check the control panle, administrative tools, event manager.

    There should be a full error report in there.

    Once you have the error number you can google for an answer or mail me for help.


  2. ▐▀▀☟▀▀▌ ☞ⓑⓘⓛ☜ ▐▄▄☝▄▄▌ says:

    blue screen of death means hard drive is failing or you will need to re-install your operating system drivers. Did you back them up when you got the laptop. You can download them for a cost.

  3. joshbgosh10592 says:

    does it say something like, Windows has encountered a fatel error and has shut down to prevent further damage? if so, thats what we computer techs call "the Blue Screen Of Death" usually that means a hardware has failed, but it also happens if there is a major driver error. sometimes, there is no way around it.. you may just need to call apple.. there may be another way around it. im not too sure of how to fix that with itunes… sorry dude, at least you know why and how now tho :)

  4. iseepinkelefants says:

    I have the exact same problems. Sony only says "do a system restore". I’ve had blue screen before but I updated my drivers and restore bios setting to original and it went away. This new blue screen is different and won’t let me on my computer more than 10 minutes at a time (the other one would just do it once every few days).

    I found like 10 other people with VAIOs on here who all have the same problem. This is my second VAIO in 2 years, obviously VAIOs are crap and should never be purchased.

    *EDIT* finally got an answer from Sony that seems to be (knock on wood) working:

    1. Start the system in safe mode. (Press F8 on the VAIO screen)
    2. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
    3. Click Uninstall a program under the Programs section.
    4. In the Tasks list in the left navigation area, click View installed updates.
    5. Click the entry for KB973879, and then click the Uninstall. Click Yes when you are prompted to confirm the uninstallation. (Note If you are prompted for confirmation or for the administrator password, click Yes to confirm or type the administrator password.)
    6. Restart the system when you are prompted.

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