compaq laptop or sony vaio. which one is the best.?

i am looking for laptops. i want least 1gb ram. with windows vista.with dvd reR. would be nice if it was not more than 500 pounds. do you think compaq good or should i pay more and get sony vaio?i have hp at the moment with 256 ram and it is useless. so slow.


  1. Well I am a user of gate way laptops and i have loved them,
    compaq will be much cheeper than a sony usually and i dont see nothing wrong with the compaq presario , had a few friends with them and no issues, the brand sony ,compaq HP etc. isnt what makes it fast/slow good/bad its more of the specs on it. and running Vista I would recomend no less than 1 Gb ram and just for the heck of it DVDRW etc. and I personally like amd processor they run a little hotter than intel brand procesors but wth proper cooling fans no probs at all and is a fast, good dependable processor but cheaper on price than a intel amd also has dual core processors, for example I just got a new laptop few mnths ago 1 gig of ram 100gb hard drive dvdrw/cdrw, amd x2 turion 64 bit mobile technology processor and is a good running machine costed me like 850.00 us$ so not sure what that would be in pounds, but Compaq with basicly same specs would be around dame price where a sony viao would run around 1,800.00 us$ with Sony i feel like its more of you buying the name than a good computer just dont see 1,000$ difference in the two machines, other than a fancy lil sony logo, Good luck and wish you the best enjoy the new pc..

  2. Sony Vaio is the best compaq is not upto the level of Sony collaboration ok gud luck r else 2nd choice go for Macbook

  3. phantomswife309 says:

    Well I bought my compaq Pressario in November 2005 and I am really happy with it. It is the best thing i have ever bought and probably the best thing I will ever buy in my life. I love it.

  4. eagleseven77 says:

    Compaq is HP"s budget line. Sony alays has good products with decent warranties. All laptops are made by only a handfull of manufatures in Japan. Companies order them and put their own name on them HP is better than Compaq, but Sony is more expensive. HP has better customer support and tighter and stricter tolerances. If your on a tight budget Compaq is ok,… better than
    Dell, Stay away from them by all means.

  5. maniacmartinuk says:

    Before you splash out loads of money on a new laptop, have you considered buying extra ram for your current laptop. can sell ram thats guaranteed to work and all you have to do is unscrew a hatch udner the laptop and plug it in.

    Regarding new laptops, I’d definately recommend a vaio over a compaq, but of course vaios cost more.

    If you want a new laptop, the best place I’ve found is They have a telephone helpline and you can sort by price band too.

    If you aren’t planning on playing any computer games on the laptop then you don’t need a 3D graphics card – in that case I’d recommend their Toshiba Satellite Pro A100-622 – it is on offer from £496 to £350 and comes with 1GB of RAM, Vista Home, DVDRW and 80gb hdd.

    If you want to play games, you’re going to struggle to find a decent laptop for £500, but the Asus F3TC has an nvidia geforce go 7300, which isn’t cutting edge but will handle most current games

  6. Sony is only good at proprietary things. They make it so difficult to connect non-Sony peripherals to anything made by Sony.

    BTW, Sony is also very good in making laptop batteries (that light up conference tables and not so few workplaces).

  7. Loner Tech says:

    sony is overpriced and has almost same features as compaq so i wud recommend compaq

  8. go for compaq presario v6000 series notebook ….. sony is too costly.. no need to buy sony vaio

  9. gomakemeasandwich says:

    You should be ok with the Compaq (with at least 1 GB of RAM), but if you want to pay more for (marginally) better quality you might want to consider the Sony.

  10. Hi there

    I have access to both HP Compaq and Sony Vaios at work and both are excellent computers.

    If ever I need to borrow one to take home or on a business trip I always pick the Vaio – they are great notebooks with wonderful monitors – have one of their cute VGNs sat next to me right now so I would go for the Vaio but they are much much more expensive.


  11. SONY is better but it is not as the hype makes it out to be and also it is unjustifiably expensive. You would be better of with a Dell or Acer

  12. The Sony Vaio is better than the Compaq.

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